Caught on Camera: 6-Year-Old Climbs Into Pilot's Seat, Revs Up Hospital Helicopter

A 6-year-old boy climbed into the pilot's seat of a helicopter and started it up before a staff member swooped in to get him out.

A helicopter was caught on video starting up unexpectedly at an airshow -- and you wouldn't believe who was in the pilot's seat: a six-year-old boy!

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Spectators at an airshow in Minnesota were shocked when the helicopter began spinning its dangerous blades, knocking over a sun shield and injuring two people.

The video has gone viral, and the man who shot the video saw the little boy climb into the pilot's seat all by himself. "The door was open ... And he just walked in,” said the man.

Moments later, the boy started up the chopper.

A promotional video shows the same kind of medical transport helicopter. It's owned by the world-famous Mayo Clinic and was on display at the airshow.  

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The helicopter never got off the ground, and after about 60 terrifying seconds, a Mayo Clinic pilot jumped inside and was able to shut it off.

The boy "was crying really bad" and "ran to his father, who gave him a hug."

So how easy would it be for a six-year-old child to start up a helicopter? INSIDE EDITION spoke to pilot Jim Miller of NJ Choppers, who said that starting up the helicopter involved simply turning on two specific buttons.

There's speculation that the boy may have learned about starting a helicopter from video games.

A spokesman for the Mayo Clinic told INSIDE EDITION in a statement: "Mayo Clinic is conducting a thorough review and has proactively reported the incident to the Federal Aviation Administration."

The scary moment fortunately did not lead to disaster.

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