These Plus-Size Women Are Proudly Wearing Bikinis as Part of the #Fatkini Trend

Plus-size women are hitting the beach this holiday weekend and proudly showing off their curves after feeling empowered by the social media trend #fatkini.

Plus-size women are hitting the beach and proudly showing off their curves -- Fatkini style.

INSIDE EDITION chatted with a group of women who say they're done covering up and won't be stopped from flaunting their figures in two-piece swimsuits.

“It’s fun,” one of the women told INSIDE EDITION.

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Another said: "I feel beautiful and confident."

"I feel liberated," added another.

These bold and brave women say they’re feeling empowered by the social media trend #Fatkini.

The internet campaign is backed by an army of plus-size women proudly wearing bikinis and posting their photos on Instagram and Twitter.

One woman told INSIDE EDITION, “Fatkini is pretty much anytime a fat woman fears a bikini.”

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On Twitter, women using the hashtag are proudly sharing snaps of themselves in bikinis ahead of the holiday weekend.

One wrote: "Change the way we see ourselves. It's not confidence, it's PRIDE."

Another shared a photograph of her posing in a bikini top and added: "Coming to a beach near you, whether you like it or not."

But not everyone is a fan of the fatkini trend. Critics say the photos encourage an unhealthy lifestyle and that the women should focus on losing weight.

During our photo shoot beside the pool at the Intercontinental Hotel in Los Angeles, the full-figured gals dismissed their critics and said they're spreading a message of tolerance and acceptance.

“To people who say I’m glorifying anything or I should lose weight, I tell them, ‘Maybe you should mind your own business,'" one woman said.

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