Unbelievable! 75-Year-Old Granny Saved by Sprite After Crashing Car Into Ravine

After 75-year-old Wanda Mobley drove her car down into a ravine and was trapped in her car, she survived by drinking from a Sprite bottle she luckily had o

Wanda Mobley, a badly injured 75-year-old grandmother, was stranded in a ravine after her car ran off the road.

Two days passed, and she had no food and no water. There was just one thing keeping her alive. 

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“Just Sprite,” she told INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent. Mobley cheated death by sipping from bottles of Sprite.

“Even hot, it tasted good,” she quipped.

Mobley's ordeal started when she was on the way to a family reunion in Oklahoma. She swerved to avoid an animal and ran off the road. There was significant damage to her car.

Mobley managed to get out of the car, but was too weak to crawl out of the ravine.

"I could hear cars coming, but I couldn't see them," she said.

When she failed to appear at the reunion, Mobley's family put up missing posters and started a frantic search.

The whole time, Mobley was fighting for life at the bottom of that ravine on a remote stretch of Texas highway. That's when the Sprite turned into a lifesaver.

“They were in the back seat and I managed to pull one down. I tried to take it easy because I've always heard [that] you don't want to overindulge right after you've been dehydrated like that," she said.

Then, by a miracle, Mobley's grandson was out searching, and spotted a knocked-down road sign.

"There's 10 or 12 arrow signs for the corner, and one of them was knocked down and bent, [like] something went through there," he told INSIDE EDITION.

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He saw Mobley's car in the ravine below and scrambled down to comfort his injured grandma.

“It was a golden voice to me. He's my little golden angel now,” said Mobley. He asked her: “Are you alive?”

Medics arrived soon after and she was airlifted to a hospital in Wichita Falls.

Trent spoke to her from her hospital bed, where she was being treated for a fractured vertebra.
On her table was a bottle of Sprite.

Mobley’s still bubbly, thanks to the Sprite that saved her life.

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