Kate Hudson's Dad Bill Shockingly Tells Daughter: You Can Stop Using My Last Name!

Bill Hudson speaks to INSIDE EDITION about his ongoing family feud with his daughter, Kate Hudson, saying she can ditch using his last name.

Harsh words from the father of actress Kate Hudson -- "Stop using my last name!"

In a message for his daughter, Bill Hudson told INSIDE EDITION: "Change your name to Russell. I'll throw a party for you."

It's the latest chapter in the bitter feud that has been going on for years in one of America’s most successful showbiz families.

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The feud was reignited on Father's Day when Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver, posted a family photo on social media with the message: “Happy Abandonment Day.”

Bill Hudson said the photo has special significance.

“That photo was in Orlando, Florida, at Disneyworld. Goldie was in Miami with Kurt Russell -- her boyfriend, and I went down and picked them up and took them there. Things were going well,” Bill said.

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But after Oliver posted the photo, things got worse. That same Father's Day, Kate posted an image with Kurt Russell, who raised her and whom she considers her father even though he and Goldie Hawn have never married, with the message: 

Bill said: “If that's what it takes to make them feel better then change your name to Russell! It doesn't mean I love you any less. It doesn't mean I don't want to resolve this but shut up already!”

Bill, a member of the popular seventies trio The Hudson Brothers, was divorced from Goldie Hawn in 1980. He has been estranged from their two children, Kate and Oliver, since the 90's.

He says the Father’s Day postings were deliberately designed to hurt him and they succeeded.

“It was like somebody put a final dagger in my heart,” he said.

Bill admits he didn't fight hard enough for custody of his children when they were youngsters. He claims Goldie Hawn turned them against him.

“I can't keep flogging myself for where I screwed up. I've apologized for 15 years and I’m not apologizing anymore. When you are the custodial parent and you can influence them at a very young age all along. The parent on the outside doesn't have much of a chance. Usually the fathers,” he said.

Bill Hudson is denying published reports that he has publicly disowned his kids, saying: “I did not say that. Did not say they're dead to me. I said it was like a death to me.”

Relations are now at an all-time low but he says he still loves Kate and her brother and hopes there is one final chance for reconciliation.

He declared: “I am saying to my children, Oliver and Kate, to Goldie and to Kurt, let's end this! Just stop! Let’s get together. It sounds corny but it's true. Let’s get together we're not, we're not enemies!”

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