A Dog in a Wheelchair is a Handicapped Man's Best Friend

Kleenex is tugging at the heartstrings with its latest ad showing a wheelchair-bound man befriending a dog who is also in a wheelchair.

Grab the tissues! Kleenex is telling the story of Michael who is confined to a wheelchair and adopts a dog named Chance who is also on wheels.

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The duo does everything together and shares the same struggles.

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“He is my best friend," Michael said in the new ad. "We do everything together. It feels free and easy for us to relate. Initially, with him being in a wheelchair I thought that was kind of the coolest thing they offer that for animals. I know his struggles and he knows mine."

The video is part of the Share Kleenex Care campaign telling individuals' touching stories - which, of course, leave you reaching for the Kleenex.

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