Mom of 1-Year-Old Toddler Who Rock Climbs: 'Everything Comes With a Little Bit of Risk!'

The mom of the toddler who went rock climbing speaks to INSIDE EDITION about her child's shockingly impressive skills.

In the latest video everyone is talking about, a baby is climbing a rock wall by herself.

Little Ellie Farmer started climbing rock walls at her parents indoor gym before she could walk - at only six months old.

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Her mom, Rachael is a nurse and competitive climber, she was scaling walls during her pregnancy.

“She was born into a climbers family,” said Rachael.

Mom was so impressed with her little girl's feats that she started posting videos of the climbs online. When the video of Ellie at 19 months went climbing to the top of a seven foot wall, all by herself, hit Facebook it immediately went viral.

Rachael said: “Before I knew it, it had more than 100,000 shares and over 20 million views.”

The family from Flagstaff, Arizona, kept close watchful eyes on their daughter during her climbs.

But is Ellie really safe?

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Rachael said: “Everything comes with a little bit of risk. Walking down the sidewalk is putting yourself in danger in some kind of ways, right. I think she's a little bit safer at the climbing gym in a controlled environment, than she would be on the monkey bars at the park.”

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