Heart-Stopping Video Shows Captain Fishing off Kayak, Dragged into Water by Giant Shark

One captain got the surprise of his life when he fell into the water and landed atop a giant shark.

It's already being called "The Summer of the Shark" after six recent attacks in North Carolina. Now a heart-stopping video of a guy who reeled in a big shark has been released and then he ends up in the water with it.

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Captain Ben Chancey was fishing from a kayak off the coast of Florida and he got a huge shark on the line. The video was shot by Chew On This Charters.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent asked him: “What happened?”

He said: “Things slowed down and I kind of thought, 'What should I do?' And then I just did it. You didn't think about anything else but 'I just got to get back to the boat!'" 

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He said he swam back to the kayak and caught the shark. Good thing he didn't meet an 11-foot shark on the attack that recently went after the divers in a cage in South Africa. Those divers certainly got a better view than they'd bargained for!

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