Noseless, Blind Dog Miraculously Transforms After Pounds of Hair Shaved Off

Harry the Chow was rescued by an animal shelter who helped clean up the pooch that had more than 5 pounds of hair.

Harry is a four-year-old neglected Chow Chow that was rescued by The Kansas City Pet Project in Kansas City, Missouri.

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When they found him he was covered in five pounds of heavy, matted hair more than six inches thick. He was badly abused with most of his nose missing and his eyelashes had grown into his eyes. It took groomers two-and-a-half hours to shave all the excess fur off of him.

After Harry was shaved the transformation was astonishing!

Even though he's still very skinny, The Kansas City Pet Project tells INSIDE EDITION that they are feeding him high quality meals every day to put his weight back on. They're working to get him a foster home or find a rescue placement.

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For more information on The Kansas City Pet Project and to donate to Harry’s rehabilitation, click here.

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