Retired Sergeant Sends Pizzas 7,000 Miles for Airdrop to US Troops Overseas

One vet wanted to send a special gift to our troops serving in the Middle East, and found a clever way to deliver pizzas to them.

Retired Master Sgt. Mark Evans could be called “The Pizza Man” by our troops serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait with the organization he created, called, Pizzas 4 Patriots. 

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The idea all began with his son. Master Sgt. Mark Evans told INSIDE EDITION: “My son and I were eating pizza and the war was on the TV and he said, 'Hey dad, do they get pizza like this over there?’ ‘No son, they are eating MRE's out there.' He goes, 'Can we get them some?’"

Master Sgt. Evans called Major General Kenneth Dowd, head of Joint Central Command Logistics, who called DHL. The big question was - could they get the pizzas there?

“He said, ‘I can get an F16 engine on the other side of the Earth in 12 hours, I think can get pizzas there,” said Master Sgt. Evans.

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Food purveyor Rich Products offered to make the pies and pack them in dry ice for the 7,000 mile journey to where the pizzas are airdropped.

"It's raining pizza in Afghanistan," said Master Sgt. Evans. 

Major General Dowd said: "They really enjoy the pizza. I can tell that they really like the idea that people back home put this together." 

Pizzas 4 Patriots is an all-volunteer effort to bring pizzas to every man and woman serving in the Middle East on July 4. It started in 2008, and the companies fully donate their services. Since Pizzas 4 Patriots began, over 155,000 pizzas have been served to US troops.  

On Saturday, every service member wearing the uniform will be served pizza as if it were sort of an edible hug from home.

"One guy said, 'I am a big-time combat veteran, I am crying in front of my guys that people in America care enough to get us this," said Master Sgt. Evans. 

Pizzas 4 Patriots is also bringing slices to service members at Veterans Administration Hospitals. Individuals who want to support that effort can learn more by clicking here

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