Family Attacked by 'Friendly' Dolphin That Leaps Into Boat, Breaks Woman's Ankles

A family was on a boat in California when a dolphin jumped in and thrashed around, breaking a woman's ankles.

It was horror on a boat as a family is attacked by - of all things - a friendly dolphin.

It somehow leaped into the boat, injuring itself and spraying blood everywhere as it thrashed around on the deck. A woman on board broke both ankles when the 350-pound dolphin landed on her.

"I knew right away when it came down that it was coming to come down on the boat. It was almost as if it fell out of the sky," said the woman, Chrissie Frickman.

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There was blood on the dolphin's nose and all over the boat in a video shot right after the encounter.
The dolphin was released back into the ocean in Laguna Beach, California.

Meanwhile, across the nation, the string of shark attacks on Carolina beaches shows no sign of letting up - and one victim is reliving his ordeal.

"It actually bit me on my back, and that was excruciating," Patrick Thornton told INSIDE EDITION. He suffered horrific wounds when he fought off a shark that was coming for his son.

"There was a lot of blood that was pouring out of the back of my leg. That was one of the biggest bites that he took," he said.

As July 4 weekend looms, with millions of Americans flocking to the beaches, people are definitely worried.

It's a scene straight out of Jaws, when officials refuse to close the beaches because it's the holiday weekend.

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Craig O'Connell is a shark expert for the Discovery Channel show, Shark Island. Discovery's famous "Shark Week" begins this Sunday.

"A lot of people are considering this the 'Summer of the Shark.' Now what's going is that that we're having global warming, warmer coastal temperatures. There's a lot of bait coming in. And this could attract sharks closer to shore," he said.

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