Homeless Piano Prodigy's Heartbreaking Story: 'I Lost It' After My Wife Committed Suicide

INSIDE EDITION tracked down the Florida homeless man who stuns crowds playing the piano in the streets, and spoke with him about his harrowing past.

Donald Gould is the homeless piano man with magic fingers, captivating the nation.

INSIDE EDITION’s Facebook page is filled with praise for Gould.

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“What a gifted man! Such talent! How is this man homeless??” wrote one user.
INSIDE EDITION’s done a little digging and discovered that Gould once served our country as a proud Marine. 

How did the clean-cut Marine end up on homeless on the streets of Florida, in rags, with a scraggly beard and unwashed hair?

His family shared with INSIDE EDITION that Gould was born gifted. Even as a youngster, he could pick up any instrument and play it instantly.

He studied music at Spring Arbor University in Michigan, but dropped out before graduating. He enlisted in the Marines and played the clarinet in the Marine Corps band, which plays at official presidential functions.

But in 1998, Gould’s wife committed suicide, and his family said his life spiraled.

"I just kinda lost it," he told INSIDE EDITION.

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Gould’s struggle with addiction has strained his relationship with his loved ones. But now that the spotlight is shining on him, he has hope for the future.

“I can't believe all this notoriety I'm getting – wow,” he said.

He plans to use all the attention to start over -- a second chance for a talented man who deserves a break.

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