Watch Chubby-Cheeked 'Tiny Hamster' Throw July 4 Barbecue for Furry Pals

YouTube star Tiny Hamster gives INSIDE EDITION a peek at his July 4 barbecue bash.

To kick off the July 4 holiday weekend, YouTube celebrity Tiny Hamster hosted the most adorable, miniature barbecue for all of his furry friends – and he invited INSIDE EDITION for a sneak peek.

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The tiny food is of course hamster-healthy, and his friends, Fuzzy Bunny, as well as a guinea pig donning pink sunglasses, and a cute hedgehog gobble up all the yummy food. They also lounge around in a miniature pool, complete with floats, a fake palm tree, and decorated with American flags.

This isn't the first bash that Tiny Hamster has thrown. He's had a tiny Tiki party and has gone on dates.

He first shot to stardom when a video of him eating a tiny burrito went totally viral. The furry friend also has penned a book, Tiny Hamster Is a Giant Monster, based on one of his videos.

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Tiny Hamster may be small – but his personality is huge, and the videos are adorable!

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