Manhattan Wants to Host a Ticker Tape Parade for World Champion Women's Soccer Team

Following their historic World Cup victory, Manhattan is trying to push for a parade to celebrate the women's soccer team.

The U.S. Women's Soccer team landed in Los Angeles last night to cheers and applause.

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But many are calling for the history making superstars to receive a proper heroes homecoming like a good old fashioned New York ticker tape parade. It's a spectacle reserved for the greatest of the great.

The city has honored the New York Giants after their Super Bowl wins and the New York Yankees when they won the World Series.

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In all, there have been 225 parades since 1886 but there has never there been a parade for a woman- let alone a women's team.

Now, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer is calling on Mayor deBlasio to throw the World Cup winners a parade.

The mayor says he'll think about it. He says his office is: "...exploring logistics and talking with the team and other partners about a possible parade."

In polls an overwhelming 98% are in favor of a parade for the World Cup champions.

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Meanwhile, you'd expect that the women would earn big bucks after their win - right? But their prize money is surprisingly small. The team will share just $2 million for winning the World Cup. Compare that to the $35 million the winners of the men's World Cup - Germany received.

But the ladies could make money from endorsements.

Forward Christine Press is the face of Coppertone sunblock and you can expect to see stand-outs like MVP Carli Lloyd and goalkeeper Hope Solo in commercials soon. A just reward for job well done!

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