Veterinarian Rescues Pregnant Homeless Dog Who Gives Birth to 12 Puppies!

When Dr. Matt rescued a pregnant dog, he didn't expect the special delivery she would give him.

Dr. Matt who runs Vet Ranch rescued a pregnant, homeless puppy that was scheduled to be euthanized and took her in.

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He said: “It's hard for them to find dogs a home, much less a dog that's pregnant; they will go ahead and euthanize pregnant dogs. We're going to keep her until she has the puppies.”

They watched over her and to Matt's surprise, one morning he walked in and Gracie had given birth to 12 puppies all on her own and they were all doing great. His kids had the cutest response to all the babies.

The surprised children asked: “Are they twins?”

Four weeks later, they were all doing great and love eating together.

At eight weeks, the puppies were all running around and since they've been weaned, Gracie and one of her pups will remain together while all the others will be adopted.

It's so touching that Gracie’s life was saved along with all the adorable puppies with the generosity of one person.

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Vet Ranch is a non-profit that treats and cures homeless animals, click here if you would like more information.

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