Caught on Camera: FSU Football Player De'Andre Johnson Allegedly Punches Woman in the Face

Florida State University dismissed player De'Andre Johnson after he allegedly punched a fellow female student; he's charged with misdemeanor battery.

It is a brutal punch that is shocking the nation. The star quarterback at Florida State University delivered a blow to a fellow student in a bar.

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De’Andre Johnson has been charged with misdemeanor battery and was dismissed from the football team.

There was jostling as Johnson tried to get to the bar. He had an angry verbal exchange with the student, and then allegedly swung at her.

The woman said she suffered bruising under her left eye, and swelling to the cheek, among other injuries.

Jose Baez, Johnson's attorney, said on the Today Show, "He is very regretful that he didn't turn around and walk away immediately."

Baez said Johnson threw the punch after she used a racial slur. “There is a witness that heard this,” he said.

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There is a fierce debate about the video. Many of the comments note that the woman threw the first swing, and also apparently kneed him.

"Why do some women think a man won't hit you back? She hit him first," said one comment. Another wrote: "This kid had zero excuse for hitting that girl. Just leave the bar. Stupid on his part."

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