Police Say Student Stole Cop Car and Led Wild Chase

A police cruiser was stolen and cops were lead on a dramatic chase around New Jersey.

Sirens screamed and it was pedal to the metal as cops chase a suspect all over New Jersey.

Just who are they after?

It's another cop car! A police cruiser was been hijacked and the bad guy was determined to get away.

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The dashcam video started on a leafy suburban street in Alpine, New Jersey. Then, the stolen cruiser was swerving all over the road.

Cops say a 22-year-old student hijacked the cop car as he was being arrested for allegedly carjacking another vehicle.

Police officer Erik Goodell is the guy whose dashcam recorded the whole drama. He told INSIDE EDITION: “He was completely out of his mind. He became more and more reckless as the pursuit went on." 

Traffic didn’t deter him as the student went right up on the grass of a residential neighborhood and kept right on going.

More police cars eventually joined the chase. At one point, he was on the wrong side of a divided highway.

One pursuing officer urged his partner to go even faster: “Come on, get up there! Get up there!”

Then, the chase moved to cops from all sorts of jurisdictions as they joined in. Police from Tenafly, Alpine, Leonia, the Port Authority and the Palisades Parkway, were all a part of the ordeal.

A cop car got ahead of the stolen vehicle and tried to block him. But the suspect rammed him out of the way and keeps going.

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Another cop tried the fishtail maneuver and the tactic worked as the suspect slammed to a halt.

But he wasn’t done yet; the suspect got out of the car and made a run for it. The cops were right on his tail. At last the craziest police chase came to an end.

So, who's the suspect? He was identified as Sereymanta Kong. He's a student of the University of Connecticut. He was charged with carjacking and a raft of other offenses in four separate jurisdictions. He's being held on $1.2 million dollars bail.

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