Runner Prematurely Celebrates Win and Loses: 'I Just Kind of Got Comfortable and Put My Guard Down'

Ben Payne thought he had a recent 10K race in the bag and celebrated a little too early before an opponent beat him at the finish line.

During the Atlanta Peachtree 10K race, Olympic qualifying marathon runner Ben Payne started celebrating his victory a little too early and was beat by British Olympian Scott Overall.

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As Ben was gesturing that he was 'number one' with his hand, Scott ran through the finish line and won by only 9/100ths of a second. Scott tweeted, "Pleased to take the win today at the peach tree 10 km. Always run through the line! #peachy.”

But the Air Force pilot isn't a sore loser about what happened, he spoke to Fox And Friends on Wednesday about the moment. He said: “I just kind of got comfortable and put my guard down and kind of assumed I had the race in the bag and he caught me by surprise right at the finish there.”

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Hopefully when he runs in the future, he won't make that mistake again.

Watch Below: Oregon Runner Prematurely Celebrates Win Before Crossing Finish Line