11 Infant Bodies Discovered in Ceiling of Michigan Funeral Home

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Police made the discovery after an anonymous tip.

The bodies of 11 infants were found in the ceiling of a Michigan funeral home that was closed down months ago, reports said.

Police said they made the discovery at Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit after someone wrote authorities an anonymous letter disclosing the locations of the remains.

Eight bodies or nine bodies were reportedly found in a cardboard box and the rest were found inside one or more caskets, all placed inside of the ceiling, CBS News reported.

"They received an anonymous letter describing exactly where the box was, where the remains were," Detroit police Lt. Brian Bowser told reporters Friday. "They went right to the location. You have to climb up a ladder to look, that's when they observed the box and the casket and they called 911.”

Authorities said the funeral home was shut down six months ago after having its license suspended when investigators found decomposing embalmed bodies at the location, among other violations.

"It's just the callousness of the operators, the owners, the employees of the funeral home [that stands out]," Bowser also said.

Police are working to identify the remains and the case is still under investigation.