11-Year-Old Boy Buys His Colorblind Classmate Corrective Glasses

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A kind fifth-grader in Colorado went above and beyond for his colorblind classmate. 

Tyler Muhr, 11, had no idea what to expect when he was gifted a pair of corrective glasses by his friend Thane, who’d saved up for the glasses on his own. 

“I work at the school so the fifth-grade teacher, Tyler’s teacher, emailed me in the morning and asked me if I could come upstairs because there is a surprise for Tyler,” Tyler’s mom, Julie Muhr, told InsideEdition.com.

Tyler didn’t want to put the glasses on until his mom was there, so she went upstairs and recorded the moment to be able to show her husband later.

In a video recorded of the special moment, Tyler can be seen looking around the room as he remains totally silent.

“I was a bit cynical and I didn’t think the glasses would work so it was awesome,” Julie said. “Tyler’s often not speechless so to see him speechless, you could tell he was overwhelmed and just absorbing everything in the room.”

The mom said she was shocked by Thane’s kindness to her son. 

“His friend just decided to do a nice deed and I talked to his friend’s mom and she said he just came to her one day and said ‘I want to do this for Tyler’ and she said, ‘OK, you do the research, you save up the money, and I’ll order them.’”

And he did. Thane did chores around the house until he saved up enough to buy the $250 glasses on Amazon.com. 

“She said she had nothing to do with it other than clicking purchase,” Julie said of Thane’s mom. “I just think that Thane’s an amazing kid for having done this and when he was asked why, he said it’s what God called him to do. I think for an 11-year-old it’s pretty amazing.”


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