11-Year-Old Boy in Missouri Mows Lawns to Support Black Lives Matter Movement

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Missouri 11-year-old Jack Powers is working to make a difference in the Black Lives Matter movement, by mowing one lawn at a time. Like other sixth graders, Jack Powers has a number of hobbies, like soccer and basketball. But, Powers decided he wanted to make a change.

“I didn't like how people were being treated,” Powers told KMOV.

He started his own lawn mowing business and instead of keeping his earnings, is donating all of his proceeds to Black Lives Matter. He posted flyers throughout his neighborhood and received positive responses.

“I saw what happened to George Floyd and I didn’t like how Black people were being treated so I decided to make a change,” Powers said.

His neighbor April Strelinger says Jack’s flyer encouraged her to start a conversation within her own household. “To see Jack's poster and find a helper, it actually opened up a great conversation with my son about how he can be a helper,” she said.

While Strelinger didn’t need her lawn mowed, Jack inspired her to donate.

With dedication and hard work, Jack plans to change the world and influence others to do the same.

To date, Jack has raised at least $110, according to KMOV.


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