11-Year-Old Joshua Trump Is Changing His Name Due to Bullying: 'Everybody Would Laugh'

He says the reactions were so bad teachers decided not to use Joshua's last name in class.

An 11-year-old Delaware boy who shares the president's surname says he's getting bullied at school because of it. 

"They ask me if I'm related to Trump," Joshua Albert Trump told Inside Edition. "I say, 'Would I be here if I’m related to him?'"

The boy says some students call him stupid. 

“When the teacher would say, ‘Joshua Trump, are you here?’ Everybody would laugh except my friends,” he said. 

He says the bullying got so bad that his teachers decided not to use his last name in class. His parents even tried homeschooling for a while, then enrolled him in a new school but they say the bullying continued.

Trump is actually Joshua's mom's maiden name so from now on he's going to use his dad's name, Berto. 

“I'm tired of the bullying,” he said. “I just want it to stop.”

The principal of Talley Middle School, Mark Mayer, said the school carried out an investigation after a recent meeting with the boy's parents. The school has agreed to change Joshua's last name to Berto in their system immediately, and they are working on providing Joshua with extra support so he is comfortable reporting any future incidents, Mayer said.