Tom Selleck Accused of Stealing Truckloads of Water During California Drought

Actor Tom Selleck is being drought-shamed for allegedly stealing public water for use on his property.

Actor Tom Selleck is being accused of stealing truckloads of water for his sprawling ranch -- right as California copes with its historic drought.

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"Tom Selleck Drought Shamed" said the Los Angeles Times.  

A civil complaint against "Thomas Selleck" and his wife "Jillie Selleck" has just been filed by a Ventura County, California, water district.

Evidence is said to show a water tanker truck filling up at a public hydrant with thousands of gallons of water - a big no-no.  

The water was allegedly delivered straight to the Blue Bloods star's 60-acre ranch -- which includes an avocado farm.

No comment yet from Selleck -- but he isn't the only big name being drought-shamed during the water crisis.

Earlier this year, INSIDE EDITION reported on other celebrities. There’s a palatial estate with a gorgeous lawn. But right next door, there's nothing but parched dirt. So who owns the lush green property? None other than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

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Jennifer Lopez has an opulent mansion with a beautiful garden.  It's an oasis of green, despite the drought.

And Jessica Simpson's lawn looks great -- but the neighborhood surrounding it is dry as a bone.

Should Selleck be added to the drought-shaming list?

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