One of Tallest Women in US Talks Dating Difficulties: 'I Put Him on a Curb' When I Go in for a Kiss

The women of 'My Giant Life' talk to INSIDE EDITION about what everyday life is like when you're over six feet tall.

INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian felt pretty small when he walked around New York City with Lindsay Kay Hayward and Colleen Smith. They are two of the tallest women in America.

Colleen stands 6’6” and Lindsay is 6’9”and towers over just about everyone.

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Lindsay told Fabian: “I've been this tall since I was 13.”

He surprisingly replied: “You've been this tall since you were 13!?”

“That's right,” she said.

He then said: “At 13, I was like 4’7.”

“You still are,” she quipped.

Lindsay and Colleen’s unusual height makes simple tasks difficult like getting into a car and boarding a plane.

Fabian said: “Airplane seats are small for everybody, I can't imagine what they are like for you.”

“I have to cramp up. I feel all weird,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay and Colleen are featured in the new reality show My Giant Life, premiering next Tuesday on TLC.

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Fabian asked: “What's dating like for you guys? I imagine because you're so tall, it's difficult.”

Colleen said: “I'm not one that dates only tall guys, I date guys shorter than myself as well.”

“Is that difficult when you date a shorter guy, does he have to stand on a box to give you a kiss?” asked Fabian.

“I put him on a curb every once in a while,” she said.

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