Parents Parody 'Shut Up and Dance' For Epic Double Pregnancy Announcement

Two sets of parents created a parody of Walk the Moon's smash hit 'Shut Up and Dance' to announce they are having another child.

Jon and Danielle Murray along with Jon’s brother, Aaron and his wife, Liz are both expecting another baby at the same time. They decided to share the double pregnancy news with their friends and family in a song parody to Walk the Moon's 'Shut Up And Dance.'

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They changed the lyrics to perfectly sum up their lives like the opening line where they sing “I guess we can’t go back, we already got three, we don’t know how to act because we are having one more!”

Jon tells INSIDE EDITION that since they're expecting their fourth child, they wanted to share the joy and excitement of expecting a child even after already having three.

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He said: “Before we knew we were pregnant we joked about doing a parody video to announce a fourth (and final) baby- if and when the time came. We brainstormed ideas for so many hit songs but nothing really stuck. By the time we found out we actually were pregnant we had decided just to take a ‘Christmas’ card photo and mail it out; But when Aaron and Liz told us that they were also pregnant we knew we HAD to do a video and announce together!”

The Murray family even has a video blog where people can keep up with their family.

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