Rescued English Bulldog Born with Half a Body Will Melt Your Heart

Bonsai the English bulldog was born with a rare condition that gave him half a body.

Bonsai the English bulldog will melt your heart.

He was born in April with multiple rare deformities - half a spine, no pelvis and tiny hind legs. His owners gave him to Friends of Emma a Texas rescue organization when he was only three-and-a-half weeks old.

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His main condition is Sacral Agenesis (Caudal Regression) which is actually a human condition and Friends of Emma tell INSIDE EDITION that based on weeks of worldwide research, there is not another documented case of an animal living with SA.

His only cause of pain was his back two legs that were preventing his mobility. After undergoing bilateral amputations of both legs, Bonsai is doing great. He has even been named the official mascot of the International Sacral Agenesis / Caudal Regression Association, which is an organization comprised of people living with and touch by SA / CRS.

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Bonsai will still need more in-depth diagnostics to manage his internal conditions and many of them are costly. Friends of Emma has set up fundraiser page and if you would like to help support his care and treatment, click here.

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