Champions on Parade! US Women's Soccer Team Gets Heroes Welcome in New York City

The victorious US women's soccer team got a heroes welcome in New York City.

The victorious U.S. Women’s soccer team took to the streets of Lower Manhattan in red white and blue floats.

As confetti rained down on the team, proud Americans and fans chanted “U!S!A!” as the players passed on the floats.

Thousands of loyal fans were waiting there since before dawn to catch a glimpse of their heroes - the first ever woman's sports team to be honored with a ticker tape parade.

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Young girls held signs that read “Heroes” as they cheered for the women who have become household names since their decisive win last weekend over Japan.

Carli Lloyd, the World Cup MVP, scored three goals in the thrilling final and earned her instant fame. As she passed on the floats, the crowd erupted in cheers.

The captain, Christie Rampone, held the trophy high as she shared a float with fan favorite Alex Morgan and New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio.

Abby Wambach told INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian, “This is amazing! Look at this!” 

The ticker tape parade tradition dates back to 1886 but the financial companies that occupy the buildings along the Canyon of Heroes no longer use ticker tape. Instead, office workers throw out armfuls of shredded paper!

Some brave guys were high on a ledge and threw confetti down on the first ladies of soccer.

INSIDE EDITION took a closer look at the tons of paper being tossed out of those windows and found that most of it was harmless equipment manuals but in the garbage we also found a doctor's report with personal information about his patient.

The document contains the man's full name, home address, Social Security number and a list of his ailments.

Fabian showed what we found to security expert Nick Cassell. He said: “You have all the information you need to assume this man's identity. It's a festive day, everybody is throwing out stuff but they should have been more careful, they should have shredded it first.

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It was a well-deserved tribute to this team who won America their third World Cup trophy. All 23 member of the squad received keys to the city.

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