Long-Lost Son Meets Homeless Piano Prodigy Dad: 'I Just Want to Help Him Clean His Act Up'

The son who the homeless piano prodigy gave up for adoption has connected with his father and is ready to help.

Donald Gould is the homeless man who stunned America with his amazing piano playing.

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Even after INSIDE EDITION gave the piano man an astonishing makeover, he told us there was still one thing missing from his life -- the young son he lost touch with 15 years ago when his life first spiraled out of control.

“Now, maybe my son will get in touch with me,” he told us.

INSIDE EDITION tracked down Donald’s long-lost son. His name is Donny and is an 18-year-old who's just graduated high school.

Young Donny was adopted when he was five years old by Terri and Darryl, we're withholding their last name at their request.

Terri said: “It was love at first sight. As soon as we saw him we loved him we knew this was his home.”

Donny grew up in a loving home in Michigan. He knew he was adopted but had no idea his biological father would ever get in touch.

“It never even crossed my mind,” Donny said.

Then last week, mom and dad got a phone call from a friend who saw Donny’s biological dad on INSIDE EDITION.

At that point, the piano man still looked very shaggy.

Darryl said: “We watched the video and after we watched the video we called Donny into the room and sat him between us and had him watch the video for the first time.”

Mom and dad explained to Donny that the homeless man with the amazing piano talent was his birth father.

“When we saw him, the way he looked, it was just so sad that we wanted to reach out to him,” Terri said.

And when Donny and his mom and dad saw our other story about Donald's transformation -- their minds were made up.

Darryl said: “We seen that he cleaned his act up, and he was going into rehab, so we thought okay we'll make contact.”

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Donny says he loves his adopted mom and dad as much as any son could love his parents.

But he thought getting in touch with Donald might help the piano man as he gets his life back on track.

“I want to just help him clean his act up,” said his son.

So the two actually had a video chat, Donny at home in Michigan and Donald in a hotel room in Sarasota, Florida.

Donny explained: “It was very weird for me to see that face for the very first time.”

Donald then told us about video chat: "It was just great. He didn't seem resentful or anything, which is a great thing." 

The family is waiting to see how Donald progresses before deciding on a face-to-face meeting and they're rooting for him to turn his life around.

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