Father Filmed Bungee Cord Snap Moment Before Son to Be Launched: 'That's When It All Went Bad'

Father shoots video as bungee cord snaps on amusement park catapult, shattering cement and shocking riders.

It was a terrifying moment as a bungee ride was set to be launched hundreds of feet into the air.

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Thirteen-year-old Trevor Larson was about to be catapulted. He was with a family friend and his dad, Dru, shot video of what was supposed to be a thrilled ride. 

In the video, Dru can be heard teasing them seconds before the major malfunction: “Did they sign the insurance waver?"

“That's when it all went bad,” Dru told INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent.

Then, the cord snapped.

It happened at the Mount Olympus Park in Wisconsin. When the bungee cord hit the ground, it took a chunk out of the cement.

Trent asked, “How close did this come to being something pretty awful?”

Dru said: “Real close. If it went just 30 inches the other way...."

“It could have killed someone,” Trent said.

Dru admitted: “ I don't think he would have even felt it. It was just unbelievable.”

Trent then asked Trevor: “What did it sound like?”

“It was very loud and it came down with so much force and it came down so fast,” he said.

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Trent then asked Dru about the incident: “What were you thinking after you saw this?”

“A whole gamut of things. You start off in disbelief that you can't believe it happened and then you collect yourself and say to yourself, 'I am glad they are okay and safe,'” he said.

Trevor says he's willing to try it one more time but he might want to check with dad first.

Trent asked Dru: “You will not let Trevor go up again while you are around?”

He declared: "Not a chance!”

The ride is closed pending an investigation. 

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