Watch This Driver Speed Backwards Down Busy Los Angeles Street for 2 Miles

A man drove backwards down a winding Los Angeles street; police are calling it the 'most reckless driving they've ever seen.'

It was shocking cell phone video of a driver is going in reverse down a busy, winding street In Los Angeles.

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Kevin Zanazanian of Oak Brook Reality recorded the stunning video. In the video, he said: "This guys going backwards onto oncoming traffic, amazing.”

Police call it the most reckless driving they've ever seen.

The driver of the Audi stayed in reverse for more than two miles. He crossed over double yellow lines, narrowly missing oncoming traffic. The car also came dangerously close to a pedestrian.

Kevin said: “There was a shock in me. I kept thinking to myself, 'When is this guy going to stop?' Plus, I was thinking of the safety of other people." 

Kevin says there were two people in the car. A man behind the wheel and a female passenger. The car still had dealership plates on it.

"The individual, the whole time, was facing backwards. It is impossible to determine who these people were," said Kevin.

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As the driver approached busy Hollywood Blvd., while still in reverse, he maneuvered around other cars and into the left turn lane.

Police are still searching for the driver and say he faces a number of charges, including reckless driving.

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