Carrie Underwood and Family Break Car Window to Rescue 4-Month-Old after Dogs Accidentally Locked Him in Car

Carrie Underwood's dogs locked her baby son in her car on a hot day. Now, an expert gives tips on what to do if your child is trapped in a hot car.

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood had to act fast to save the life of her baby son Isaiah.

Believe it or not, Underwood's dogs actually locked her out of her own car and to make matters worse, her four-month-old son was inside, so there was no choice but to break the window.   

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Underwood's dogs are mischievous little guys. One of the dogs pressed the lock button with its paws.

Underwood tweeted what happened next: “When your dogs manage to lock themselves, all your stuff & the baby in the car & you have to break a window to get in. #WhatAreTheChances.”

Fortunately, Underwood's brother-in-law was there and he managed to break the window and free Isiah.

When a child is trapped in a hot car, every second counts. In one case, some good Samaritans used a length of pipe to break a car window to rescue two children trapped inside.

In another scenario, passersby used a hammer to rescue a child from a hot car.

But it's not always that easy. In a demonstration on the Weather Channel, a reporter tried again and again to break a car window with a tire iron. Even with a special tool, it took nine more blows.

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Would you know what to do? AAA’s Robert Sinclair told INSIDE EDITION, “On a sunny, hot day, you can go to the extreme and grab a blanket, or mat, cover up the windows, keep that sunlight from going inside. Without that directr sunlight, it won't be as warm inside,” he said.

But it's likely you may have to break the window. "You want to hit it hard and hit it in the middle. Get all the glass from around the side, and you're in," he said. 

Underwood is reassuring her fans her baby is okay, and so are the dogs.   

“All is good now! Minus the broken window, of course!” she said.

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