9 Cleaning Hacks with Common Household Items You Have to Try Right Now

You'll be amazed by what lemons, aluminum foil, fabric softener and more products you have around your house can do.

Lifestyle guru Kris Schoels joins INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent with some handy household tips you can use in your kitchen this summer:

1. Lemons can be your best friend when you want to tackle dirty household jobs. Wood cutting boards sure do retain some nasty odors. But Schoels said the combo of salt and lemons works wonders.

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“You’re basically going to use the lemon and the salt” and scrub, she said. “It’s clean, it smells delicious, and it’s all natural,” she said.

2. You can even clean bathroom faucets with lemons. “You’re going to rub the whole faucet. It’s going to smell delicious. I’m going to take a clean cloth and rub it off,” she said.

3. Before you throw out that last piece of tin foil, ball it up and you can use it again to clean a dirty pan. “You’re going to use a little bit of dish soap,” she said, demonstrating how it cleans the pan.

4. There's another way to clean a baked-on mess. Shoals’ next cleaning tip looks like a high school science experiment.

“We are going to take baking soda. You’re going to sprinkle it just across the bottom so it covers the messiest areas. And then you’re going to dump a little apple cider vinegar in there. Let it sit for a minute or so,” she said.

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5. Today, so many people are using juicers and blenders, so hard to clean.

“You put a few drops of dish soap in there and about a cup of water. You put the blender on. Rinse off the blender and you’ve got it completely cleaned,” she said.

6. Do you want to clean dirty, dusty vents? Grab a butter knife and dryer sheet.

“You’re going to place it inside the vent and all the dust and dirt is going to stick to the dryer sheet,” she said.

7. Polish Your Silver with Ketchup!

Use ketchup and a towel to polish your silverware and jewelry.

8. Clean dirty oven racks with dryer sheets.

Over racks can get very grimy and messy. Make your life easier by using dryer sheets to get the grime off.

9. Use a squeegee to Remove Pet Hair.

Use a squeegee to remove stubborn hair from carpets and other surfaces.

There are some great tips and great uses for things you already have around your home – your clean home, that is!

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