Watch a Homeless Pit Bull Living Under a House with Puppies Get Rescued

A homeless, pregnant pit bull gave birth to 7 puppies under a house and were living in fear until animal rescue group saved them.

A pregnant pit bull was homeless in a Los Angeles neighborhood and survived on food given to her from the kindness of people. One day she crawled under a house and gave birth to seven puppies on her own. Hope for Paws animal rescue came to help the babies and their mom.

The little puppies terrified under the home until Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws crawled under and handed the puppies one by one. They had to work quickly because he was afraid the puppies would split up or run away.

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All seven puppies got out safely and were named after the seven dwarfs from Snow White, while the mom was named Sansa. Hope for Paws brought the mom along with her babies to Bullies and Buddies where they had volunteers ready to foster the family.

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Sansa took care of her pups until they were old enough to be adopted. Everyone found a home except for Sansa. If you would like to help find Sansa a home or if you'd like to donate to Hope for Paws, click here.

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