Wait, What? FBI Says Real-Life 'Gone Girl' Denise Huskins Did Not Fake Kidnapping

Many had suspected Denise Huskins faked her own kidnapping, but now, the FBI says she was telling the truth all along.

It’s a stunning vindication for the 29-year-old woman who's been called the real-life Gone Girl -- the movie about a beautiful woman who fakes her own kidnapping.

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The FBI now says Denise Huskins was telling the truth all along about being kidnapped. Huskins fought back tears and held hands with her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, as their lawyers blasted local police for originally labelling their story a hoax.

"The Vallejo Police Department owes an apology to Ms. Huskins and Mr. Quinn. But more importantly, is they owe an apology to the public," said a lawyer on their behalf.

The FBI said she was really kidnapped by thirty-eight-year-old Matthew Muller. He's a former U.S. Marine and a Harvard Law School graduate.

The FBI complaint says investigators found "swim-style goggles that had tape covering the lenses" and "a long blonde hair stuck in the duct tape" -- hair just like Huskins’ -- in a car that Muller is accused of stealing. He also allegedly used "a super soaker type of water pistol that had been spray-painted black and had a flashlight and laser pointer taped to it."

"I think it’s reasonable to think there are other individuals involved and are still running loose," said a lawyer on the couple's behalf.

Back in March, Huskins made national headlines when she said she had been abducted from her live-in boyfriend's home in Vallejo, California. She turned up two days later, 400 miles away in Huntington Beach at her father's apartment building.

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Before Huskins resurfaced, a recorded message was emailed to the San Francisco Chronicle. “My name is Denise Huskins. I'm kidnapped. Otherwise, I'm fine,” she said.   

Her boyfriend said he was tied up and drugged by the kidnappers. But cops immediately said their bizarre story wasn't true.

Now Huskins’ father is firing back at the cops, saying they rushed to judgment about his daughter, and ruined her life. "She's clearly a victim, but she doesn't understand why anybody else didn't know it," he said.

So how was the suspect finally tracked down? The FBI said he left behind his cellphone after breaking into another house in California last month, and terrorizing the homeowners before they called 911.

It's another dramatic twist to the story that is straight out of Gone Girl, but true.

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