Key Unlocks Man's Outrageous, Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Jeff had wanted to make his marriage proposal to his girlfriend of three years memorable, so he sent her on a scavenger hunt.

Kerry and Jeff have been together for three years and throughout their relationship he has always given her unique and creative gifts. So, for Christmas he got her a key but wouldn't tell her what it was for and only that she had to keep it on her at all times.

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Jeff had secretly planned on using the key for an over the top scavenger hunt proposal.

One day, Kerry thought she was picking up a package until she realized she needed that special key.

She opened the package and inside the box was an address for stop No. 2, which was a manicure for Kerry and her mom. Stop No. 3 was a hotel room with a video message.

Following the mother daughter time at the hotel, they were picked up in a limo and lining the driveway were all reasons how Kerry lights up Jeff’s life. He decorated everything and had a special waterfront dinner planned. After the meal, he finally popped the big question.

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Jeff tells INSIDE EDITION that he had been planning the proposal for eight months and didn't want to do anything that's been done before.

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