Watch This Man Wrestle a Shark to Shore With His Bare Hands

Beachgoers were stunned to see a man wrestle a shark and drag it to shore off the coast of Massachusetts.

Elliot Sudal wrestles sharks with his bare hands.

He grabbed a shark by the tail as if it was no big deal and dragged it onto shore.

“Hey INSIDE EDITION, they call me the 'Nantucket Shark Wrestler,'” he said when he introduced himself.

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But what about those razor-sharp teeth that are terrifying so many beachgoers in this season?

“They can take your foot off it they wanted to. Their mouth is the size of a football,” he said.

So, why would this 26-year-old do something as ridiculous as wrestling a shark?

Sudal tags sharks so they can be studied and tracked. His day starts with preparing some bait, like blue fish. He then puts the fish on a giant hook and then casts it out into the ocean on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts.

He said: "It is kind of crazy to think they're 10-20 feet out. People don’t realize they're here when they're swimming.”

While INSIDE EDITION was with him, the shark wrestler hooked something big.

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“We’ve got a brown shark here. Get a measure and tag on her and get her back in as soon as possible,” he said.

The shark measured over seven-and-a-half feet long and weighed 280 pounds.

That shark is about the same size as a young great white shark that washed ashore in nearby Cape Cod earlier this week. Officials splashed the shark with buckets of water to keep him alive before towing him back into the ocean. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

As for Elliot, his girlfriend Marissa is not fazed by what he does.

“I’m not worried about getting bit at all,” she said.

As for that brown shark he reeled in, the shark wrestler released it back into the sea, and Sudal awaits his next shark encounter.

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