In Shocking Recording, Mom Tapes Teacher Admitting to Sex With Students '20 or 30 Times,' Getting Pregnant

Florida teacher Jennifer Fichter will spend the next 22 years behind bars after she was recorded admitting to having sex with at least three students.

A high school English teacher recently found out she's going to spend the next 22 years behind bars.

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Jennifer Fichter was convicted of having sex with at least three of her students. She was arrested after the mom of one of the boys taped a phone call with the 30-year-old teacher. The tape has been obtained exclusively by INSIDE EDITION.

On the tape, the mom asked: "...Approximate number of how many times you all had possibly been together. If you had to give me a number, Jennifer, how many would it be?"

Fichter replied, "Thirty? Twenty?"

The mom asked: "So, you're telling me that you all possibly had sex 20 or 30 times?"

Fichter said, "Yeah, I guess."

The recording was made after the mother notified the authorities and agreed to tape a conversation with her son's teacher. The Lakeland, Florida, teacher even admits to having gotten pregnant during the affair with the mom's son.

The mom said, "You were pregnant and had an abortion. Is that true?"

Fichter said, "Yes, it is true. He knew and he helped make the decision."

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Florida State Attorney Jerry Hill. "The mother of the victim was asking very pointed questions and the defendant was giving very candid answers,” he said.

Fichter said, "I love him. I want to be with him. Our relationship became stronger over time, in spite of everything that we went through."

The tape proved devastating at her trial. She was found guilty.

Fichter is the latest in a string of teachers charged with having sex with their students. Just last week, English teacher Brianne Altice was sentenced in Utah to up to 30 years behind bars for having sex with three high school students.

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In the Florida case, it seemed from the tape that Fichter expressed no remorse for what she'd done.

The mom asked on the tape, "To some degree, you feel sorry for the decisions that you've made?"

Fichter said, "I honestly, I don't regret anything with him."

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