Obama Talks Cosby, Issue of Rape: If You Give Someone a Drug Without Knowledge, Have Nonconsensual Sex, 'That'

President Obama addresses Bill Cosby's Medal of Freedom and rape. Meanwhile, Joseph C. Phillips, starred with Cosby in their hit show, calls out the comic.

President Obama is weighing on the Bill Cosby scandal.

He was asked if Bill Cosby's Medal of Freedom would be taken away and said, "There is no precedent for revoking a medal. We don't have that mechanism. As you know, I tend to make it a policy not to comment on the specifics of cases where there still may be issues of civil or criminal cases involved. I will say this, if you give a women or a man for that matter, a drug and have sex with them without their consent -- that is rape.”

He made his remarks in a press conference when he was answering questions about the nuclear treaty with Iran.

“Any civilized country should have no tolerance for rape,” he said.

Now, a former actor from The Cosby Show is breaking ranks and publicly denouncing the embattled comic legend.

Joseph C. Phillips played Lisa Bonet's husband for three seasons.

Phillips told INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian, "My friend sat and talked with me for two hours and said she was sexually abused, molested, and raped, and I said I believe her. So that makes him guilty." 

On his blog, Phillips wrote an article, titled "Of Course Bill Cosby Is Guilty!" In it, he said that it was an open secret on the Cosby set that the star fooled around with "a parade of women."

"He can't deny it any longer. That is what it was quietly reffered to on the set -- that it was 'the parade,'" he told Fabian. 

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Until now, all the cast members have stood by Cosby, including Phylicia Rashad, who played Cosby's wife on the show.

She once told ABC News, "There is the Constitution of the United States, which ensures innocence until the proof of guilt and that has not happened." 

And The View’s co-host Raven-Symone, who played little Olivia on The Cosby Show, doesn't want to go near this hot topic. She said on The View: “I don't like to talk about it that much. He is the reason I am on this panel, he gave me my first job.”

But the wall of support is crumbling -- and fast. Just one day ago, Whoopi Goldberg did a complete about-face on The View and said: “I have to say all of the information that is out there points to guilt. It looks bad, Bill."

Philips told Fabian: "If I believe them and I believe they are credible, he must be guilty." 

Now, there’s more grief pouring down on Cosby. Questions are being raised over whether he really earned that doctorate degree that's awarded to scholars after years and years of study and toil.

The opening credits from his show read: “William Cosby Jr., Ed. D.” It means that Cosby is a Doctor of Education. It was awarded to him in 1976 by the University of Massachusetts.

INSIDE EDITION asked Peter Wood, president of the National Association Of Scholars, to evaluate Cosby's dissertation. He said: “The shear triviality of the thing is quite astounding. There really isn't a dissertation here. There is an advertisement for a popular television show of the 1970's." 

The dissertation is 253 pages. But almost half of it consists of scripts from Cosby's Fat Albert cartoon show.

Comic genius Sam Simon, who co-created The Simpsons, once worked on Fat Albert. Last year, just before his death from cancer, he tweeted: “I worked with Bill Cosby on Fat Albert. He had two of the writers write his thesis.”

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Cosby's camp would not comment on the latest allegations.

And now a shocking interview has just surfaced from the early 90's. In it, Cosby was joking with Larry King about a fantasy of drugging women. He joked: “We will still be searching for 'Spanish Fly.' The old story was just a little drop on the head of pin, put it in the drink and the girl will drink it, and hello America!" 

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