FAO Schwarz Fans Do One Final Dance on the Iconic Piano Floor Before Doors Close

FAO Schwarz is closing its New York City location on Fifth Avenue, and shoppers took one last dance on the piano floor made famous in the film "Big."

It's the end of an era -- the final hours of the most iconic toy store in America.

The toy store is the victim of soaring rents on New York City’s chic Fifth Avenue and will close its doors today. 

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Of course, you can guess where most people were headed: they took one, last dance on the famous floor piano from the movie, Big.

Since 1870, FAO Schwarz has been a toy wonderland for generations of kids and their parents.

Everyone is sad to see it close. One New York City resident told INSIDE EDITION: "This has been such an iconic place for it and I know a lot of tourists really enjoy coming here." 

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The store's parent company, Toys R Us, says it is searching for a new location and posted this message on Twitter: "See You Soon From FAO Schwarz."

See You Soon From FAO Schwarz... pic.twitter.com/hq5VloDqsO

July 13, 2015

So we may not have danced our last dance yet.

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