Adults Freak Out in 10-Minute Hot Car Challenge

In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of being locked in a hot car, Kars4Kids wanted to see how long people could last in a steamy car.

Could you endure sitting in a hot, locked car?

To raise awareness about the dangers of leaving a child in a car, Kars4Kids conducted a social experiment, offering people $100 if they could last just 10 minutes in a sweltering car on a hot, summer day.

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At first, they seemed okay. But that quickly changed, and not one person was able to make it for 10 minutes!

Wendy Kirwan from Kars4Kids told INSIDE EDITION: "This whole campaign started with our safety app, a simple app we developed in response to the tragic stories you hear every summer of kids being forgotten in hot cars, too often with fatal outcomes."

To illustrate how hot a car can get in the summer, the non-profit even baked cookies on the dashboard!

"With the understanding that even loving, responsible parents can forget a child, our app is designed to trigger the parent's memory," she said.

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Besides bringing awareness to the app, "We needed to raise awareness of both the dangers and the fact that this can happen to anyone," she said.

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