Homeless Dog Dying from Hideous Skin Disease Saved by Indian Animal Rescuers

A dying street dog in India was picked up by a local animal rescue group, which helped bring it back to life.

Animal Aid Unlimited, an Indian animal rescue group, got word of a dog living on the streets that was severely suffering from mange, a skin disease that causes itching and hair loss, and leads to scabs and lesions.

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They found the abandoned dog quivering, and his entire body was in pain. After feeding him a meal, they gave him one of his first medicated baths.

They continued to take care of him with baths and feedings. Shockingly, six weeks later, he was completely transformed.

Animal Aid Unlimited is a leading street animal rescue center in India, and videos of their rescues are on YouTube. Their hospital and sanctuary are home to more than 4,500 rescued and recovering animals each year.

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It’s the same organization that helped rescue a puppy that was covered in tar. If you would like to help donate to Animal Aid Unlimited, click here.

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