Dad-to-Be Debuts Rockin' MTV 'Cribs'-style Nursery

An excited dad-to-be shows INSIDE EDITION his totally awesome baby nursery, decorated after the famous MTV 'Cribs' show.

The Canatellas are expecting their first child and after decorating the nursery, dad-to-be Bryan wanted to show off his daughter's room - MTV Cribs style!

They totally nailed the look and style of the classic MTV show with the camera angles, sped-up video, and attitude.

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Bryan told INSIDE EDITION that his wife Caryn came up with the idea. They thought it would be funny to do the tour with the swagger of a celebrity while describing the dainty and girly decorations. The Canatellas started a YouTube channel in January, when they posted their families’ over-the-top reaction to their pregnancy announcement.

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They have continued to chronicle their first pregnancy and since the baby is due Aug. 14, there will surely be more videos to come! 

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