Cop Pulls Motorcycle Stunts on Busy Road

In August, INSIDE EDITION spoke to a driver who said he saw an Indiana police officer performing motorcycle stunts on a busy road.

In August, drivers were shocked to see a motorcycle rider driving on a busy road, standing upright, his arms outstretched. But almost more shocking was who the rider was...a cop! The motorcycle daredevil was on his police department bike.

RJ Smith, who shot cell phone video, says the rider was doing nearly 50 miles an hour. He called 911 to report what he was seeing.

Caller: "There's a police officer on a motorcycle in front of us, and he is pulling stunts on his bike."
Caller: "He's weaving back and forth and pulling tricks, and actually stood up on the seat of his motorcycle."

"It was kind of shocking to see," says Smith.

He told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent he was behind the officer on a highway outside Indianapolis when, to his amazement, the cop stood up on the seat.

Caller: "He's actually pulling tricks and standing up on the bike. It's crazy."

Smith says, "My biggest fear was he would completely fall off the bike, or hit a rock, or hit a pothole, or even another driver would change lanes into him."

He adds that the officer pulled the stunt three times, once on a bridge.

"The officer didn't appear to care that people were actually witnessing this?" asks Les Trent.

"No, there was traffic all around, both lanes," Smith says.

The stunt is a chilling reminder of the motorcycle daredevils who pull off mind-boggling and potentially dangerous stunts on busy public highways.

Authorities say Officer Tracey Cantrell of the Lawrence, Indiana police department, who they describe as a model cop, told them he was standing on the running boards of the bike, not the seat.

They also say Cantrell was "contrite" and realizes the stunt was "inappropriate."