Obama's Security Advisers Reportedly Concerned Presidential Suite at NYC's Waldorf Astoria Hotel May Be Bugged

President Obama is visiting New York, but will not be checking into the Waldorf Astoria amid concerns the presidential suite may be bugged.

The famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel is where every U.S. president has stayed since 1932 -- but not anymore.

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President Obama is visiting New York this weekend and will not be checking in. The reason why may surprise you.

The Waldorf Astoria was owned by Hilton Hotels  - that is, until last year, when it was sold to a Chinese  company -  closely tied to the Chinese government. Now the president's security advisors are reportedly concerned that the presidential suite at the Waldorf may be bugged!

The presidential suite is the ultimate in luxury. Fourteen presidents have stayed there. It comes with a board room and a private office.  It has an opulent master bedroom and plenty of places to hide bugging devices. The rate: $4,000 per night.

Real estate agent Brett Miles tells INSIDE EDITION: “It’s a huge concern. I also think it’s going to send a message about the hotel. It’s probably never going to revert back to the go-to spot for the president.”

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President Obama is travelling with his daughters for a father-daughter weekend. They plan to take in the hit Broadway show Hamilton.

So where will they stay? Just a few blocks away at a luxurious hotel with sweeping views over New York's East River.

We spotted bomb-sniffing dogs checking bags out front.

The president is actually saving the taxpayers some money. The rate at this hotel is just $2,000 per night, half the price of the Waldorf Astoria!

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