Outrage Grows Over Jail Death of Sandra Bland as FBI Joins Investigation

Three days after her arrest, Sandra Bland was found dead in her Texas jail cell. Now the demand grows for answers on what happened to her.

Cellphone video of a woman pinned to the ground by police is now at the center of a growing mystery. 

“You just slammed my head into the ground, you do not even care about that,” Sandra Bland is heard saying.

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Just three days after being arrested, 28-year-old Bland was found dead in her jail cell in Waller County, Texas, outside Houston.  Authorities say it was suicide.

What's drawing national attention is that she posted numerous videos on Facebook speaking out about race in America. “You could stand there and surrender to the cops, and still be killed,” she said in a video.

Now her devastated family wants to know: what happened to Sandy?  

“A lot of people are saying there was foul play. We don't know if there was, we don't know if there wasn't, but we need to know,” said the family’s lawyer.

It started one week ago last Friday, when cops say she was pulled over for a minor traffic violation: failing to signal a lane change.  

Police say things quickly escalated.  She allegedly acted belligerently and kicked a cop.

Then an officer saw the guy shooting cellphone video. As Bland’s being arrested, she says this to the witness: “Thank you for recording.  Thank you. For a traffic signal.  Slammed me into the ground and everything.”

Sandy was held in the Waller County jail over the weekend after being unable to pay $500 bail.

But on Monday she was found hanging in her cell. Her sister refuses to believe that she'd take her own life.

“It is unimaginable and difficult for us to wrap our minds around, the Sandy that we knew, for this to be characteristic of her,” said her sister.

Sandy was driving from Chicago to start a new job in Texas when she was pulled over.

On her Facebook page back in March, she said she suffered from depression. “I am suffering from something that some of you all may be dealing with right now. It’s a little bit of depression, as well as PTSD,” she said.

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Outside the jail on Friday, people gathered, demanding answers.  The FBI and Texas Rangers have opened an investigation.  

The sheriff of Waller County became emotional, saying his department did nothing wrong. “Am I a racist?  No, I am not.  I can assure you that black lives matter,” he said.

Now the entire nation wants to know: what happened to Sandy?

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