Sisters, Maids of Honor Surprise Bride With Hilarious Jackson 5, Backstreet Boys Mashup

A bride got a special surprise at her wedding when her sisters and co-maids of honor presented a unique song-speech that definitely goes down in the books.

Sisters and co-maids of honor Kelsey and Maddie wanted to do something special for their sister Caitlin's wedding and surprised everyone with a hilarious and unique six-minute song-speech at their reception.

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The California sisters included some Jackson 5 songs from the bride’s childhood. Then there were tunes from the Backstreet Boys, a nod to when the couple met.

The moment was captured by Chair7 Films

Bride Caitlin tells INSIDE EDITION that it was more than she could have hoped for, and she couldn't stop laughing and crying the entire time. 

"Everything about it was amazingly perfect.  The lyrics, the song choices, their delivery... The whole time I was just thinking to myself, 'Is this happening right now? Are they actually doing this? They ARE doing this.'  But immediately afterward my first thought was how am I EVER going to top that when they get married.  Let's just say the brainstorming has already started," Caitlin explained.

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This definitely goes down as one of the best bridesmaid's speeches!

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