Burger King Throws Themed Wedding for Mr. Burger and Miss King, Complete with Paper Crowns, Hamburger-Patterne

Burger King threw Joel Burger and Ashley King a chain-themed wedding on Friday, complete with crowns and special T-shirts.

Joel Burger and Ashley King tied the knot in Illinois on Friday in a totally unique, whopper-of-a-wedding ceremony.

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Playing off each of their last names, they had a Burger King-themed event, totally paid for by the fast-food chain after they got word of the couple's "Burger-King" last name combination and their eccentric story.

The couple has been together since they were teenagers. When a local newspaper featured their engagement announcement, they crowned them the “Burger King Couple” and their love story took off.

The entire wedding party took photos wearing the signature crown, while the groom and his groomsmen wore Burger King T-shirts under their tuxedos for some fun, Super Man-style pictures. They also donned Burger King cufflinks and hamburger-themed socks. The chain gifted them with crowns and mason jars.

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The Today show was at their big day and found out what everyone wants to know: will the bride keep her name and be Ashley Burger-King?

“I'm a Burger. Her last name will be Burger," Burger said. "But it will forever be Burger King,” Joel Burger told the Today show.

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