Oh Baby! Woman Caught on Camera Giving Birth to 10-Pound Son in Front Seat of Car

A mother gives birth in her car on the way to hospital.

A video of a mom giving birth in the front seat of her car is bringing tears of joy all over the world.

“I can't believe he was born right here!” Lesia Pettijohn told INSIDE EDITION.

Mrs Pettijohn and her husband Jonathan couldn't make it to the hospital on time when she went into labor. They said they set off from their home near Houston, thinking they were in good shape for the hour-long drive.

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“Things changed on us,” said Jonathan. “So I got out my GoPro, which she had asked me to record the birth with, and set it next to my leg. I thought there's a possibility we may not make it."

Lesia's contractions got intense - and so did her screams. Since neither of them has a cellphone, Jonathan decided he had no choice but to keep driving.

Sure enough, the 22-year-old mother's water broke.

“I was trying to keep her calm. Then her water broke and it progressed super-quick after that,” he said. “Next contraction, his head was there.”

“And I was like, ‘Aaaah!’ We're gonna have this baby in the car,” he said.

Jonathan helped his wife adjust her stretch pants.

“My pants, I was glad I didn't get them down very far ‘cause it kind of cradled his head until I could get the rest of him out and grab him,” she explained.

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Before they knew it, the baby was on the way.

“The baby is out of me!” she can be heard screaming on the video.

Josiah Pettijohn came into the world - weighing a staggering ten pounds three ounces.

“I was just in shock, you can tell on my face I'm like, ‘Whoa, did that really just happen?’” his mother said.

His dad added: "I knew when he came out everything was fine, his color was good, his breathing was fine."

The newborn is home and is getting V.I.P. treatment from his sisters, two-year-old Lily and one-year-old Eowyn.

The proud parents posted the video on YouTube, where it's been viewed more than eight million times.

Lesia and Jonathan plan on having more kids - but say they won't be making the same mistake.

“I think next time we'll definitely go sooner,” said Lesia.

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