Watch This Guy's Excited Reaction After Spotting Rare Manatee Twins

A Florida tour guide saw two baby manatees swimming with their mother in the wild.

Gene Parker, tour guide and owner of Snorkel with Manatees, spotted a momma manatee with her newborn twins in Homosassa Springs, Florida, and he could barely contain his excitement.

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He posted the video on Facebook writing that in 15 years of working in those waters, he's never seen newborn twins in the wild. The sighting is extremely rare. On average one calf is born every two to five years and according to Citrus County, only two percent of manatees give birth to twins.


Mom's manatee with twins. I've been doing this for almost 15 years everyday and never seen a new born twins in the wild

Posted by Gene Parker on Saturday, July 11, 2015

According to reports, the calves were only seven to 14 days old and seldom seen in open water. Gene told Bay News 9 that it was like she was showing off her newborns.

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Now that is one proud mama!

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