From Clipping Nails to Foot Massages, the Inconsiderate Travelers Snapped By 'Passenger Shamers'

An Instagram page called 'Passenger Shaming' documents photos of inconsiderate travelers on planes, such as a man clipping his nails.

Is it really appropriate to give a foot massage on a plane?

It’s one thing to sprawl out over some empty seats but unfastening your pants too?

How would you like to sit beside some guy clipping his fingernails in midair?

Those are situations some airline passengers faced on some flights. Photos of obnoxious passengers were taken by flight attendants and other passengers and posted on the "Passenger Shaming" Instagram page.

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Long hair from one lady sitting in front is a recurring complaint. In one instance, a passenger could not see their movie through a woman's long hair.

Trash left behind is another big gripe, and on one flight, a kid has crayoned on the walls.

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Former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen started the Passenger Shaming page.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "People love the Passenger Shaming movement. They are taking the photos because they can't take it anymore." 

Shawn's Instagram page has been sent soaring with hundreds of photos.

One theme that comes up again and again is feet!

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg flies thousands of miles a year and knows all about rude passengers.

“It’s not a manicure / pedicure place. It is not a child care center. It is not a place for half-eaten fast food,” he said. "I am not saying wear a jacket and tie on a flight, those days are long gone, but how about just clothing? Wouldn't that be good?!"

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