Watch Passerby Smash Car Window to Save Toddler in 110-Degree Heat

A video shows the moment a woman pulled a girl to safety from a hot car.

One video has turned one woman a national hero. Sarah Opropeza was filmed whacking a car window with a tire iron when she was desperately trying to rescue a two-year-old girl locked inside.

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The temperature outside in Kansas City felt like 110 degrees. Imagine what it was like inside that car.

Sarah told INSIDE EDITION: "She was completely drenched in sweat. Sweat was dripping off of her ponytail. She was completely red." 

Sarah was seen swinging the tire iron but it was a team effort to get the child out.

She said: "First, I tried an aluminum chair to break the window -- that didn't work. I tossed it. Then, I grabbed a screwdriver and I was hitting the window with a screwdriver -- that wasn't working. Tossed it. The next thing that I had was another woman gave me a tire iron, I was beating the window, it would not break. Finally, a woman comes with a hitch, she smacks it and it busts open." 

Finally, the window was smashed.

"When I grabbed her out of the car, even opening the door, it was so hot in the car. I don't know how she was truly feeling inside but it was really hot," Sarah said.

The season's heatwave is covering a huge part of the nation and heightening concern about kids being left locked in cars.

In Pennsylvania, there was a dramatic moment as police break a car window. Reports say the kid accidently locked the door.

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The Weather Channel recently conducted a demonstration showing just how difficult it can be getting into a hot car.

AAA’s Robert Sinclair showed us how to quickly smash a car window. He said to hit the window hard and hit it in the middle. 

Meanwhile Sarah is just thankful she was able to do her part in the nick of time. She said: "I just kept thinking to myself, 'If I don't break this window open, this girl is going to die. This baby girl is going to die.'" 

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